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Prices and Specs

My focus is to strike the perfect balance between quality, functionality, and affordability. With prices starting from €2195 for OT builds and €2295 for OS models, every guitar I craft encapsulates this ethos. My commitment to customizing instruments extends beyond just tonal preferences. Aesthetic customization is equally important, be it a sleek modern look or a relic-ed vintage style, the choice lies entirely with you.

In addition to the OT and OS models that I'm renowned for, and which prominently feature across  social media channels and, I also crafts a wide array of other designs. From guitars inspired by the classic LP, Jag, and Jazz styles, to original designs like my OT and OS with open headstock or my big bodied Offset. Prices for these unique builds start at €2495.

All prices quoted include VAT and worldwide shipping in a Gator ABS case or Pro gigbag. This is part of my commitment to providing not only high-quality instruments but also excellent service to every client, regardless of their location.

Signature Oswald: Combining Craftsmanship and Innovation

My mission is to craft inspiring instruments that embody the unique spirit of each artist. A deep reverence for traditional craftsmanship harmonizes with thoughtful enhancements, giving birth to guitars that not only deliver an incredible sound but also feel like a second skin to the musician. This delicate fusion is an integral part of my approach to guitar specifications. It's more than just creating instruments—it's about amplifying stability, enhancing playability, and enriching tonality.

However, these 'improvements' are not rigid; they serve as the foundation upon which each custom-built Oswald Guitar is realized. Every detail is considered and handpicked, underscoring the ethos that underpins my work: to create guitars that resonate with your musical vision and feel right in your hands. The resulting instrument isn't just a product—it's a partnership between you and me, ripe for customization, flexible to adapt, and ready to accompany you on your musical journey.

Body – The body is the canvas and voice box of a guitar, this element is treated with utmost significance. Adhering to traditional shapes and working with classic woods like Red Alder and Swamp Ash, these guitars honour the sonic heritage of their ancestors. However, the inclusion of other tone woods has also been experimented with, tailoring each guitar to its future player's sonic goals. Each piece of lumber is handpicked during regular visits to suppliers, chosen for qualities such as low density, structural integrity, and visually pleasing grain patterns.

Neck – The guitar's neck is your direct link to the music, serving as the 'user interface' that converts your creativity into sound. I use dual-action truss rods for optimal adjustability and control, accessible from the headstock, so no inconvenient disassembly. The necks, made from top-tier woods and are not only visually but also acoustically appealing. Each neck is crafted to mimic the feel of a well-loved, decades-old guitar. The playing surface is sanded, waxed, and polished for a comfortable, familiar feel. And with the precision of a CNC router, any neck profile can be realized.

Fretboard – I predominantly use Indian Rosewood for fretboards, chosen for its tonal richness and visual allure. For single-piece maple necks, the fretboard and neck are sculpted from the same wood block, fostering tonal harmony and visual coherence. The choice of fretboard radius is entirely in your hands: whether you prefer a vintage, modern, or compound radius, I can customize it to fit your playstyle, ensuring optimal playability.

Frets – Frets, the unsung heroes of a guitar, play an integral role in a guitar's playability and tonal character. I trusts the quality of Jescar frets and provides an assortment of sizes to suit your unique playing style. With the CNC router, necks are built without visible fret tangs, further enhancing the guitars aesthetic and playing comfort. 21 frets would be standard, an extra fret however is no problem at all.

Nut – The nut is vital in shaping a guitar's tone and tuning stability. For my builds, bone is the material of choice for its resonant properties and durability. A standard 42mm nut would be standard, the nut width can be adjusted to meet your preferences for maximum comfort and playability.

Colour and Aesthetics – A guitar mirrors an artist's style. my guitars, with their diverse colour palette and gloss or satin finishes, reflect this concept beautifully. I prioritize aesthetics, using nitrocellulose lacquer for its tonal benefits and graceful aging. Every Oswald guitar, a blend of visual and sonic appeal, becomes a player's persona extension.

Relicing and Ageing – As a vintage-inspired builder, I appreciates the allure of a well-loved guitar. Whether you're after a lightly worn look or the heavy aging of a guitar that's seen decades on the road, I can deliver. However, complex and time-intensive relicing patterns may carry a small additional charge.

Hardware – High-quality hardware forms the resilient backbone of every guitar, For me Gotoh is the chosen brand. Renowned for its durability, craftsmanship, and visual appeal, Gotoh's vintage tuners are both a functional and aesthetic preference for my builds. These tuners stand the test of time, offering excellent stability and reliability. Gotoh's vintage tremolo and ashtray, notable for their structural robustness and tonal quality, are regularly featured in my builds. They augment the vintage appeal of my guitars. However, I can incorporate your preferred options to ensure your guitar perfectly aligns with your preferences.

Saddles – The choice of saddles directly impacts tone and playability. My OS models feature Highwood's bent steel saddles, merging vintage aesthetics and tonal quality, while eliminating potential discomfort from protruding screws. OT models incorporate Gotoh's 'In Tune' saddles, designed for superior intonation. The selection of saddles echoes my commitment to delivering an optimized, standout performance on your Oswald guitar.

Pickups – At the heart of a guitar's sound are the pickups. My pickups are hand-wound in-house, allowing for a wide range of sonic possibilities. From vintage-inspired sets to customized winds, every Oswald guitar promises to deliver your unique sound, enhancing your personal touch in every note you play.

Wiring – My wiring showcase components like CTS pots, Orange Drop capacitors, and OAK switches. A commitment to such quality elements underscores their pivotal role in the guitar's tone and dependability. Linear pots are employed for smooth, consistent volume control, while the wiring design ensures tonal clarity, even at reduced volumes, thus avoiding typical muddiness - a nod to the '50s wiring or treble bleed technique. Furthermore, all pickups are directly wired to the tone control. Each of these elements culminates in a wiring harness that provides you with great control and tonal possibilities.

Strings and Setup – Each guitar is delivered with a custom setup tailored to your preferences, ready to play out of the case. Oswald typically uses .010 - .046 D'Addario strings set up to a medium-low action, with tremolos flush against the body. However, if you prefer different strings or a different setup, the goal is to accommodate your requests. Your guitar should feel like it was made for you, because it was.