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Welcome to Oswald Guitars! Here is where a deep love for music and craftsmanship merge, resulting in personalized, exceptional electric guitars. Each guitar is a companion for the long haul, designed for comfort, customization, and lasting consistency. Whether you're an aspiring musician or a seasoned professional, rest assured that your musical expression is my top priority.

My philosophy is simple: I build tools, not hype. I craft instruments that provide more than a mere brand name. My guitars offer an immersive, enriching musical experience, delivering a quality that rivals well-known 'top-tier' brands, without the inflated price tag. The true value lies not in the brand name on the headstock, but in the experience it offers to the musician.

As a seasoned luthier, my guitars embody a harmonious blend of vintage charm and modern enhancements. The resonance of the golden era is captured in my builds, mostly inspired by the 50s and 60s. While I use modern tools like CNC routing to ensure consistency and precision, the final touch of craftsmanship is always by my own hands. Each piece of wood is given its form by me, every guitar is assembled, fine-tuned, and brought to life in my workshop..

At Oswald Guitars, 'customizable' isn't just a term; it's a promise. While most builds revolve around S and T styles, all possible models are available and can be tailored according to your needs. Shape, body, neck and fretboard woods, colour scheme, hardware, pickups, and more - every detail can be personalized.

In the realm of music, guitars are more than just instruments. They're an extension of the player's soul, a voice that sings their heart's songs. Oswald Guitars isn’t just a business, but a testament to my passion for music and craftsmanship. It's about creating pieces that withstand the test of time, cherishing every step of a musician’s journey.

Welcome to Oswald Guitars - where your dream guitar takes shape, one string at a time.

Best regards,